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I spent the weekend at a cabin in the mountains and so didn’t get a chance to download the the latest iPhone software update until late Sunday evening.  After a frustrating flurrey of “restore, verify, restore” proceedings I finally was forced to delete by back up and do a full restore.  Thanks Apple, my lazy ass rarely-syncing self lost phone numbers, pictures and text messages.  But, I got an App Store, so it’s all good, right?


I didn’t actually download any Apps last night, so I’m a bit behind the game.  Question for you first inline, ultra early adopter types out there: which apps should I muddy up my iPhone with first?

Here’s ones I’ll probably play around with this evening, if you have a suggestion give it to me in the comments.

Yelp – because Yelp is good and I should use it more.

Midomi – a song recognition app that means that I won’t have try to remember melodies while calling up Jott with the purpose of singing a warbly version of the radio anthem once I get Jott to figure out that I’m jotting myself.

Box Office – Rotten Tomatoes is the only movie review center I really, like.  Plus it has Fandango.

GuitarToolKit – maybe.  this thing costs $10, but if it works it could be really convenient.

What’s clogging up your iPhone?


  1. Nathan H.
    Jul 14, 2008

    the 2 apps that I have on my iPhone that I would recommend because they are free is the Bible app, could be made slightly better like a book>chapter>verse drilldown and ability to switch buttons in status bar and Twitterific for Tweeting, free version has some ads. I was using Hahlo the web app for this, but native apps seem to run faster, I can only assume it is due to the minimized amount of data being transferred since the gui logic should be local.

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